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Phageborn Convergence
Phageborn Convergence
Title <Phageborn Convergence>
Level 50 Boss
Health 10,000,000 (For each of four bosses)
Group Size 20-man
Location Augmentation Core, Genetic Archives
Status Killable

The Phageborn Convergence is the fifth boss encounter of the Genetic Archives raid, and will be the fifth raid boss that players will face in WildStar. They must be defeated along with Phage Maw and the Phagetech Prototypes before a group may fight Dreadphage Ohmna. The Phageborn Convergence consists of Ersoth Curseform, Fleshmonger Vratorg, Golgox the Lifecrusher, Noxmind the Insidious, and Terax Blightweaver. Only four random bosses are present in the encounter, randomized weekly.


Defeating the Phageborn Convergence is an objective of the From Archives into Armies event.


Golgox - Hammer

  • Autoattack
Pushes the tank back a little bit.
  • Aura
All of his allies within the circle that follows him take massively reduced damage.
  • Cleave/smash
The tank gets rooted. Then, Golgox does a 180 degree semicircle telegraph towards the tank that knocks back everyone but the tank. Then he does a circle telegraph on the tank that deals a large amount of damage spread across all targets in the telegraph.
With 5+ people in the smash, even squishy cloth classes will survive just fine.
  • Mid Phase
A 20 second cast with 20 interrupt armor. At the end, large raid damage.
Each individual interrupt deals raid wide damage. The disabler rune counts as its own interrupt.
Typically, people will assign 10 people to carry a single interrupt at tier 4(Paralytic Surge, Zap, Stagger, Crush, Arcane Shock or Kick), and call out groups of two to interrupt, then wait for heals to call the next group. Then anyone can take the final interrupt.

Vratorg - Frog

  • Autoattack
Wide but short cone in front of him.
  • Aura
Any damage from a ranged source applies a stacking damage/defence buff to Vratorg and spawns a Strain Pustule that moves towards the damage source.
Applying dots then running away will trigger it for each tick of the dot.
Every class has a damage over time effect somewhere, even stalkers, whether it's an ability or an AMP. Everyone should review their abilities and AMP's so they know the duration if they have any.
If a stalker is at their max range, they'll trigger it. It's safest to be inside Vratorg's model.
  • Strain Rage
Can be interrupted by a single interrupt.
Large circle around Vratorg and long/wide lines expand out of him, knocking up and doing large damage.
  • Leap
Can be interrupted by a single interrupt.
Leaps on top of a random target in a certain range.
When he lands, his threat table is wiped.
  • Mid Phase
A large absorb shield. Just a DPS check.
His aura is disabled while he has the absorb or the moment of opportunity.
Applying a dot just before the MoO ends and running away will still trigger the aura for each tick of the dot.

Terax - Spider

  • Autoattack
Single target, hits just the tank.
  • Aura
Within his circle, you can't be healed and you take a little bit of damage over time. If melee classes ever need to damage Terax, they can run in and watch their health bar for when to leave.
  • Strain Infection
Targets a random person in a certain range.
A telegraph that slowly fills up is placed at that person's feet. Sticky, so it's impossible to outrun.
When the telegraph is full, the owner will take moderate damage and anyone else who touches the telegraph will get their own slowly filling telegraph.
Can be cleansed as soon as the telegraph finishes filling up.
  • Stitching Strain
4 interrupt armor for a fairly slow cast. So a total of 5 interrupts are needed. Even the longest interrupt cooldowns will be back up in time for each cast, provided you don't waste them for any reason.
If the cast completes, a massive heal over time buff is applied to all bosses.
The heal buff can be purged, but it's much safer to just interrupt.
Stitching Strain will always be cast immediately after the moment of opportunity from a successful mid phase.
  • Mid Phase
A bunch of little pustules will spawn in the center area.
Just kill them. That's it.

Noxmind - Sword

  • Autoattack
Single target, hits just the tank.
  • Eye Stalk
Eye stalks will periodically spawn in random locations around Noxmind
A stalk will spend a short time growing its cone telegraph. Then it will start dealing damage to everything inside the telegraph and start spinning.
Long before it finishes a full rotation, it will stop casting and disappear.
Eye stalks can not take damage.
  • Essence Rot
Noxmind will point in a random direction and spawn wave-shaped telegraphs that move in that direction and spread out.
It usually targets random things in the room, raiders or bosses, but sometimes it shoots at nothing.
The center wave will periodically split into three telegraphs and spread out more.
This does large damage and is fairly often the cause of wipes.
  • Equalize
Short cast immune to interrupts.
This will even out the health pool of all bosses.
For example, if the bosses healths are 1m, 1m, 1m, and 9m, then after equalize they will all be 3m.
  • Mid Phase
Similar to Terax, but it's just 4 structures instead.

Ersoth - Squid

  • Movement
Ersoth will constantly move around in a circle in the middle of the room.
Very constant pace, only stopping during the mid phase and the moment of opportunity following it.
  • Corruption
Random circles on the ground behind him that do lots of damage.
  • Eggs
Targets a single raider(no pets like artillery bot) in a certain range that doesn't already have an egg.
Tethers them to an egg which has HP and a large, slowly filling telegraph.
Using a CC break will remove the egg, tether, and telegraph.
Using a CC break immediately can open you up to getting egged twice, because Ersoth will probably still be in range. Wait for a while, but don't wait too long and accidentally get hit.
Tanks can use defensive cooldowns and survive. Overgeared healers with things like the Firewall gadget can also survive.
  • Random blind circles
That's about it. Random circles that do a little bit of damage and blind you for a few seconds will appear randomly.
  • Mid Phase
Everyone will be disarmed when it starts.
Circles that move around in circles will be all over the center area. Those circles do a little bit of damage and disarm.
Ersoth has 10 interrupt armor and regenerates it very quickly. So wait for everyone to get ready, call a countdown and have everyone interrupt at the same time.


Raid comp

It depends on which bosses are around. Generally, people will put skeleton crews on most of the bosses and stack the raid on one boss at a time.
Golgox requires a tank and a healer.
Vratorg requires a tank, and having a healer there is great too. At least two interrupts between them(or a super short cooldown like a Bruiser Bot with Technician).
Terax requires a tank and a healer. It's not bad to have a few DPS there too, but they're unnecessary. Total of 5 interrupts and one cleanse(Antidote, Catharsis or Purify) between them. More is better.
Noxmind requires a tank and a healer.
Ersoth does not require any dedicated raiders, but does strongly recommend that each raider has a CC break.

Regular Phase

Everyone gets to their respective bosses and deals with their mechanics. Occasionally they'll have to deal with a mechanic from a different boss, like Essence Rot or Ersoth's Eggs.

Mid Phase

3/4 bosses will go invulnerable while the last one prepares to teleport to the center and begin their mid phase. Each mid phase is listed in the Abilities section for each boss.
If the mid phase is successful, all bosses will lose their invulnerability and go into a moment of oppurtunity.

Finishing the fight

When two bosses are dead, random orbs get thrown throughout the room that explode and do some damage. Also, the exterior of the room gets a red telegraph that does massive damage and slowly closes in.

Kill Order

Each raid has different preferences, so you need to find out what works for you. But here are some general tips:
Most raids base the first part of their strategy off of Golgox's presence. If Golgox is missing, they proceed directly to part two. Many people hate Golgox's mid phase because of the tight timing, large healing, and requirement for 10 people to have a T4 interrupt. Generally, people will burn him down as fast as possible, then move on to Noxmind.
The second consideration most raids have is whether or not Noxmind is around. If Noxmind is missing, the raid typically splits in two, with melee going to Vratorg and ranged going to Terax. Essence Rot virtually never gets shot at the wall closest to Noxmind, so if the raid stands between the wall and Noxmind, they'll almost always be safe. They can also burn Noxmind down to low hp and wait for him to Equalize, so eventually all bosses are very low hp, but the raid stays on Noxmind the whole time.



Defeating the Phageborn Convergence is an objective of the following achievements:

  • Council of None
  • Preemptive Strike
  • Not One Remains
  • Immortal: Phageborn Convergence


Patch 8/07/2014 (7 Aug 2014):

  • Noxmind's Equalize now occurs on a cooldown instead of HP thresholds.
  • Reduced the cast time for Equalize.
  • Terax's Strain Infection can now be dispelled properly.

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