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Phagetech Prototypes
Phagetech Prototypes
Level 50 Boss
Health 8,501,722
Location Genetic Archives
Status Killable

The Phagetech Prototypes are the fourth boss of the Genetic Archives raid, and will be the fourth raid boss that players will face in WildStar. They must be defeated along with Phage Maw and the Phageborn Convergence before a group may fight Dreadphage Ohmna. All four bosses are part of the encounter, with up to two active at a time. They activate left to right, from their point of view. Commander activates when the fight starts, Augmentor activates 15-20s into the fight, then every minute the "oldest" boss deactivates and the next boss activates. All bosses(even deactivated ones) share damage. There are no mechanics preventing you from stacking the bosses on top of each other.


Phagetech Commander

  • Malicious Uplink

When Commander finishes activating, several random players will be linked in pairs, dealing large amounts of damage to each other while they're linked. Run away from each other and the link will break.

  • Forced Production

This can be interrupted. If it is not interrupted, next cast by Augmentor or Fibricator will spawn double the bots.

  • Beatdown???

Occasionally, Commander will root the tank and damage him(and the area around him) a lot for a few seconds. Just make sure the healer(s) are paying attention and have the tank use a defensive cooldown if he's worried.

Phagetech Augmentor

  • Color Room - Kindergarten

When Augmentor spawns, several players will be launched to the top of the room, and into a separate dimension. Each player will have a colored aura around them and a colored shape on top of their head, and around the room there will be matching circles with shapes. While they're in this room, they'll place small damaging telegraphs at their feet, so run and jump as much as possible. To get out of the room, every player in the color room needs to be inside their matching circle at the same time.

Once they're out of the room and back to the rest of the raid, they'll be placing green circles that increase assault/support power at their feet. These circles do stack, so getting up to 20k assault power is very possible if the raid tries to stack the circles.

  • Borers

Occasionally, Augmentor will stay still for a few seconds and spawn large cross/plus shaped telegraphs on random raid members. Their telegraphs do not follow the players, so just evade them.

Phagetech Protector

  • Gravitaional Singularity

When Protector spawns, he'll summon an orb near the raid that sucks people in to a donut-shaped safe area. Focus down the orb, because it's a small area and getting borers while inside it is very painful.

Phagetech Fabricator

  • Flares

When Fabricator spawns, he will summon small red telegraphs throughout the room. These flares do a little bit of damage to all players inside the telegraph, but if nobody is in the telegraph, it does double that damage to the entire raid and respawns somewhere else.

  • Destruction bots

Fabricator will spawn three floating bots inside of himself. These bots will travel outwards and cast a large, painful telegraph that will last the rest of the fight. These can not be interrupted, slowed, or rooted, but they can be killed.



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