Predators and Prey

Predators and Prey
Location: Celestion
Part of: Draken on the Hunt
2 Silver 73 Copper
376 Protectors of Celestion Reputation
Choice of:
UI Item Battle Boot 001.png [Aurin Savior Slippers]
[Draken Hunter Boots]
[Bonerazer Leg Plates]
[Cursewood Jerkin]

Free Captured Villagers the Bronerazer Draken captured and caged in Cursewood.


Warn Viralist Katoff in Woodhaven of the nearby Draken threat
Make your way to Cursewood and search for the Draken threat
Open Bonerazer Cages in Cursewood to release Captured Villagers
Kill Bonerazer Draken in Cursewood

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