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The Eldan were among the first to discover that the many elements and forces of the universe all derive from what they named the primal powers. These are subdivided into the four elements of primal matter - earth, air, fire, and water - as well as two primal forces, logic and life. For every primal power, there is a "focus" - a massive, Eldan-made structure which channels and concentrates the primal power present on the planet Nexus for reasons that disappeared with them.

Many scholars believe there may be a seventh power, but so far these hypotheses have not been conclusively proven.

Primal Air

Primal air is one of the primal powers that the Eldan dubbed primal elements. It is associated with winds, atmospheric effects, and electrical power. Primal air is the element at the heart of every storm, every piece of electronic equipment, and every datachron wireless transmission. It can also be wielded as an elemental force by Espers and others who can manipulate primal powers.