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The Primal Matrix system allows level 50 players the ability to continue progressing their characters by collecting Essences, and unlocking more character power and new class abilities. The Primal Matrix system was introduced on March 8th 2017 as part of the Power of the Primal Matrix update.


The Primal Matrix is unlocked by completing the quest from Drusera at Champion's Corner in Thayd (Exiles) or Conquerer's Square in Illium (Dominion). The Primal Matrix can then be accessed through the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Advancing through the Primal Matrix 

Primal Matrix overview.jpg

Every player starts advancing their Primal Matrix at the cluster in the center of the Matrix. By collecting Crimson, Cobalt and Viridian Essences additional nodes within the central cluster are unlocked. Players also need to collect Violet Essences to unlock so called bridging nodes located between the clusters in order to acces a new cluster.

Each of the nodes that is unlocked with common Essences (Crimson, Cobalt and Viridian) provide the player with extra health and additional stats. Nodes unlocked with Violet Essences unlock additional Ability Points, AMP Points and new abilities (two for each class).

For most nodes unlocked with common Essences it is possible to spend the Essences on the same node multiple times in order to level up that node. Nodes within the central cluster can only be unlocked once and this is also the max level of a node within the central cluster. The nodes within the clusters directly outside the central cluster can be leveled up three times and the clusters on the outer ring of the Matrix can be leveled up five times.

The further away a node is located from the center of the Matrix the higher the cost in Essence will be.

Primal Essences

6DIKQN6GQ Kno-7JQ5noFg.png

There are four Essences that need to be collected in order to unlock the various nodes in the Primal Matrix.

These are:

  • Crimson Essence (Red)
  • Cobalt Essence (Blue)
  • Viridian Essence (Green)
  • Violet Essence(Purple)


The most lucrative way to attain Essences is to use the Content Finder (default ‘N’ hotkey) and complete the objectives found in the new Bonus Rewards tab.


As players advance through the Primal Matrix each node that is unlocked or leveled up gives the player an additional 25 Heroism rating. Heroism is in turn used to determine which level of Prime difficulty is recommended for the player. It is possible however to take on higher Prime levels without having the recommended amount of Heroism.

The current amount of Heroism a character has is displayed at the center-top of the screen.