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The Primevals are Eldan who have been infused with gigantic amounts of primal energies, transforming them into the powerful beings they are today. Though they were originally steps towards the completion of the Nexus Project, the natives of Nexus revere and fear them as gods and goddesses.

Osiric, Primeval of Air

A gigantic, dragon-like creature, Osiric makes his lair in Galeras, at the Focus of Air.

He commands the legions of Falkrin on Nexus, using Falkrin females called his "brides" to enact his will. Osiric makes a personal appearance in one of his temples in Galeras after the Exiles launch an orbital bombardment on it and destroy it. Though the Falkrin have always been heavily against "Groundwalkers," this is the first time he declares open war.

Osiric would have been encountered again as part of the Lost World Story.

Hydris, Primeval of Water

Formerly Yuria, Hydris' resides deep under the waters of Whitevale, with the remnants of the Focus of Water.

Her physical appearance is a complete mystery, as Hydris has never been known to actually surface.

To the Pell, she is a benevolent goddess with a terrible fury. Fitting, as her element is known as one of the most dangerous and volatile substances in the known universe. She was also specifically chosen to become Hydris based on her paranoia and possible schizophrenia.

Vitara, Primeval of Life

Formerly Nuriam, Vitara resides in Wilderrun, with the Focus of Life and the Everpool.

Though she has not yet been seen by the player, she is described as a being of incredible beauty. Vitara would have been encountered as part of the Lost World Story.

She is the Goddess of the Torine, giving her ancient Cassian servants eternal life in exchange for their loyalty.

Omechron, Primeval of Logic

Omechron resides in a space station fortress known as Omechron's Keep. There he constructed the Beholder, a supercomputer that draws its unlimited computing power from the Focus of Logic. The only means of accessing Omecrhon's Keep are an advanced space ship hidden somewhere within the Halon Ring. Omechron aided the Eldan in constructing the Protoplasmic Resonator, the device that was the key to the creation of the Genesis Prime.

He later aided the heroes in the creation of the Protoplasmic Disruptor device that was used to separate and banish the Entity from Drusera. Omechron would have been encountered as part of the Lost World Story.

Kuraam, Primeval of Earth

Located in a region known as the Shatterstone Canyon, somewhere near the lost Focus of Earth. Kuraam would have been encountered as part of the Lost World Story.

Malferris, Primeval of Fire

Located in the depths of Nexus, near its molten core. A female entity. Has an interest in certain gems, and was willing to part with her Pureform Primal Essence in exchange for a gem known as the Meridian Heart. Malferris would have been encountered as part of the Lost World Story.