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Protostar Production Analysis is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Algoroc.

Lore entry

Mine 17J-24 Production Analysis

Shipment 122: PASSED with 99.92% purity rating.

Shipment 123: PASSED with 99.6% purity rating.

Shipment 124: PASSED with exceptions:
Minor variations in quality found. Estimated 92.6% purity rating.

Shipment 125: PASSED with exceptions: Increased variation and reduced quality. Mining bot recalibration recommended. Estimated 85.33% purity rating.
Approaching minimum acceptable levels.

Shipment REJECTED with 74.95% purity rating. Mining bot recalibration ineffective. Direct inspection of Mine 17J-24 requested.
ADDITIONAL: Multiple mining bots are missing entirely from their assigned drill sites. Suspect corporate espionage, industrial sabotage, or corporate industrial sabotage via espionage in the form of a bot virus. These disappearances appear to be contagious.
RECOMMENDATION: If quality continues to decline and mining bots continue to disappear, recommend sealing Mine 17J-24 with Protostar-brand Demolition Explosives without evacuating mining bots. The additional benefit of destroying potentially infected mining bots would reduce expected losses on Mine 17J-24 by a considerable amount.

If this report is found, please return to the nearest Protostar Corporation representative.

Thanks... from Protostar!


This journal can be found in Tremor Ridge near "Dodger" at (3857.26 -1002.14 -4512.01 -172.37).