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Nexus is chock full of intergalactic badasses...and you're gonna need every one! Tackle multi-stage public events with your buddies or like-minded locals, and spread both your legend and the vitals of your foes.

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A public event is similar to a quest in that there are several objectives to complete. The difference is that public events are open to any player and the more players that participate, the greater the rewards.


Achievements can be earned by completing public events or by performing certain actions during the event.

Public events[]

Name Zone Area Min. Level Description
Exile Pikefall Expedition Algoroc Demonclaw Pass 9 The objectives are to gather supplies, deploy drills and kill Stalagmight.
Exile Security Avatar Shutdown Algoroc
Exile Ravenous Rescue Celestion
Dominion Deradune
Dominion Ellevar
Exile Chua Invade Tempest Refuge Galeras
Dominion Auroria
Icecave of the Megadroid Whitevale
Arm a Geddon Farside
Forgotten Trial of Tresayne Wilderrun
Hellrose Bowl Malgrave
Meteorite Crash Malgrave
From the Breach Grimvault