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Queen Tizzet
Queen Tizzet.png
Species Buzzbing
Level 45 Prime
Health 131.3k
Reaction D E
Location Malgrave
Status Killable

Queen Tizzet is a prime rare buzzbing found in Malgrave. She can be hard to spot since she is floating in the air and is surrounded by other Sandswarm Stalkers. She is very easily to solo since most of her attacks do very little damage and her telegraphs are easy to dodge. Queen Tizzet can cast Flurry of the Buzzwing which is an AoE ability that will follow the targeted player, so it is advisable to clear the space before starting the encounter in-order to not attract more buzzbings.


  • Flurry of the Buzzwing - (Melee) AoE
  • Needle - (Melee)
  • Sting - (Melee)


Queen Tizzet's location

Queen Tizzet can be found flying at the beehive colony in between Sandstinger Waystation and Flamedancer Commune (2720, 3486).

Since Queen Tizzet is flying in the air it might be hard for melee to hit her. Using tornadoes, melee can use the path illustrated below to access a rock that she moves around, giving them an easier chance to get her attention.

Melee path


Killing Queen Tizzet is part of the I Like it Rare: Malgrave achievement.


Queen Tizzet drops the following items:

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