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Only the most pious and skilled of warriors can serve in the Radiant Legion, the armed branch of the Vigilant Church. Members of the Radiant Legion are tasked with protecting the Church and its interests, answering only to the high sentinel and the emperor himself, and must swear an oath forsaking all other ties before entering the service of the church. For this reason, many Dominion nobles fear the Radiant Legion, who are not susceptible to political machinations or bribery and therefore cannot be swayed for any reason. However, the greater public regards the Radiant Legion as heroes, with many a young lowborn child dreaming of joining the order, which is open to citizens of every class.

Role of the Radiant Legion

The Radiant Legion is led by the holy commander, who is selected by the emperor and the high sentinel. Radiant Legion troops can be seen guarding Vigilant Churches and missions, but are also employed in situations where the emperor has need of unquestionable loyalty. On the battlefield, Radiant Legionnaires are considered an elite fighting force and are often deployed to turn the tide of battle. They may also sometimes accompany inquisitors, though for the most part inquisitors work alone.

Trials of the Radiant Legion

Acceptance into the Order of the Radiant Legion is difficult and would-be candidates must pass a series of harrowing trials. Aimed at testing their faith and dedication, these trials often involve challenges of physical might and mental will. Because of the vigorous testing process, members of the Radiant Legion are considered incorruptible and are trusted implicitly by the emperor.