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It's time to crank up your carnage to level infinity in 20 and 40-man raids! Experience the most epic content on planet Nexus, with dynamically changing environments and hardcore boss mechanics. Think you're ready? Better be sure.

A raid is an instanced area requiring a large group of people to fight their way through numerous enemies and bosses in order to accomplish objectives and upgrade gear. Requiring a 20-player groups, raids are a part of end/elder game content and are significantly harder than dungeons, requiring better gear and more complex player coordination than any other activity available in the game.

Raids in Wildstar function on a weekly lockout system. Entering a raid zone triggers the generation of a new "instance" of that zone, and killing any boss or mini-boss "locks" every party member within that instance for the remainder of that week's lockout period. While locked to a specific instance, players cannot zone into instances of the same raid that have been generated by other parties.

All player lockouts and saved raid instances are cleared by the servers every Wednesday morning at 2am PST.

All base population (i.e. non-boss creatures) within a raid instance will respawn within four hours of being killed if the instance has not been fully cleared. Certain aspects of some raids (such as the layouts of the Elemental Guardian encounters in The Datascape) are randomized by the server each week when lockouts are reset.

Raid instances[]

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