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All items in WildStar have a rarity rating associated with them, which is defined by the item's text and icon border color. The item rarity indicates the item's worth and quality. The item's level should also be considered as higher level items with a lower rarity might be better than a lower level item of better rarity. There are seven types of rarity.

Inferior (Grey)

Items of this rarity are the most common mob drop and are mostly useless. They can be sold to a vendor for money.

Average (White)

Good (Green)

Not so common drop from mobs.

Excellent (Blue)

Rarely dropped from normal mobs, items of this rarity are usually found on rare mobs and dungeon boss corpses and as group quest rewards.

Superb (Purple)

These are high quality items. They can be found on final dungeon bosses and raid bosses.

Legendary (Orange)

Artifact (Pink)