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Ravenok are a predatory bipedal species of flightless bird that appears native to Nexus, though there are analogs on many other worlds. Their enormous beaks and terrible claws make them fearsome foes and deadly predators. Like many avians they move in large flocks, but unlike many avians, they are also considered pack hunters.


A ravenok's diet primarily consists of anything it can catch. They often snap up smaller creatures, but are unafraid of attacking - and killing - prey much larger than they are. They prey on intelligent species as well, and are a common threat to both livestock and farmers.

Tame ravenok

In unusual cases such as group isolation, exposure to primal energies, or simply killing off their entire food supply from overhunting, some ravenok subspecies may abandon their typical carnivorous diet. Becoming vegetarians makes the ravenok become increasingly docile with each generation since the behavior evolved in isolated locales such as Farside. Vegetarian ravenok such as the Timber Striders of Farside are not truly domesticated, but are some friendly they will often allow novice riders so long as the rider is an existing acquaintance.