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1 Actuator & 88 Focus
30 sec cooldown
Range 15.0 m
Requires lvl 16 (AMPs)
Deploy an activator, lasting 60s, 15m in front of the caster.

The first party member that walks into the activator triggers a field which restores 18 health every 0.5s to allies.
Tier Upgrade:
+0 health per tick

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Grant 1 Interrupt Armor for 3s to allies that enter the field. Can only apply every 8s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
Restore an additional 14 health when Rejuvenator expires.

Rejuvenator is a Medic support ability available at level 16 and unlocked by investing 2 points in the rank 3 Support AMP.


  • Destination Arcterra (30 Mar 2016): Adjusted the ability so that Rejuvenator can only be triggered by party members.
    Rejuvenator will no longer show the incorrect duration for the HoT applied by the aura.
  • Patch 12/09/2015 (9 Dec 2015): Base Focus cost reduced to 88 Focus, from 100.
  • Patch 10/21/2015 (21 Oct 2015): Tooltips across all tiers now read 'Freeform' instead of 'Self.'
  • WildStar: Reloaded (29 Sep 2015): PvP flagged players can no longer trigger a Rejuvenator placed by a non-PvP player (and vice versa).
  • The Protogames Initiative (3 Feb 2015): Heal over time duration reduced to 3s from 8s.
    Now costs 1 Actuator.
    Now creates the activator 15 meters ahead of the Medic.
    Increased the range of the Activator to 5 meters, up from 2.5 meters.
    Increased the Activator duration to 60 seconds, up from 30 seconds.
    Fixed a bug that was preventing a telegraph under the Activator from being displayed.
    Fixed a bug that was preventing the field visuals from being displayed.
    Focus cost increased on all tiers to 35/35/36/37/37/38/38/39, up from 30/30/31/31/32/32/33/33/34.
    Base healing per tick increased to 5.12 per level, up from 4.36, and 11.76% Support Power, up from 10.01%.

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