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The Relic Hunter excavates omni-plasm and Eldan relics used by the technologist, and the weaponsmith. Some of the most powerful items on Nexus may require Eldan Relic Parts.

They use Relic Blasters to speed up the process of dismantling Eldan relics. As the kind of nodes they can harvest are limited by their proficiency level, they may use their Novice blasters for their entire life, but the more advanced versions harvest faster.


Level Omni-plasm Relic Part
Novice Standard omniplasm.png [Standard Omni-Plasm] EldenTransformer.png [Eldan Transformer]
Apprentice AcceleratedOmniplasm.png [Accelerated Omni-Plasm] EldenPowercore.png [Eldan Emitter]
Journeyman Kinetic omniplasm.png [Advanced Omni-Plasm]
Artisan DynamicOmniplasm.png [Dynamic Omni-Plasm] EldenDisruptor.png [Eldan Disruptor]
Expert AdvancedOmniplasm.png [Kinetic Omni-Plasm] EldenInfuser.png [Eldan Acceleron]