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Relic Raid
Location: Relic Room (The Gambler's Ruin)
Part of: Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, and Bag 'Em
Level: 2
Start: Belle Walker
End: Belle Walker
1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png
Pants 0002.png [Gambler's Drawers] Esper.pngSpellslinger.png
Pants 0001.png [Gambler's Greaves] Engineer.pngWarrior.png
Pants 0001.png [Gambler's Pants] Medic.pngStalker.png
Quest Progression
Previous: Walker's Aid
Next: Relics and Lore

Relic Raid is the third quest of the Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, and Bag 'Em episode for young Exiles before their arrival on Nexus. Dominion sabateurs have placed explosives in the Relic Room and in addition to the treasures and artifacts in the room (including the priceless Nexus Datacube) that are in danger of destruction, a brilliant Exile scientist, Dr. Belinda Walker is trapped inside due to a malfunctioning teleporter. She needs you to find and disarm the bombs while she works on the teleporter.



  • Speak with Belle Walker in the Relic Room to begin the quest.
  • Deactivate the bomb detonator, located in the upper level of the west alcove of the Relic Room.
  • Defuse the bombs located in the upper level of the north alcove of the Relic Room.
  • Disarm the Primal Fusion Device (Primal F-Bomb) controls located above the center of the Relic Room.
  • Speak with Belle Walker in the Relic Room to complete the quest and receive you reward.

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