Relic Room

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Relic Room
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Relic Room
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Zone: The Gambler's Ruin

The Relic Room is a location aboard The Gambler's Ruin. It contains the archaeological discoveries of the Exiles and is studied by Dr. Belinda Walker, who's father is responsible for most of the collection. Naturally, the Dominion would like nothing more than to capture or at least destroy this priceless collection and keep it out of the hands of the Exiles.


Walker's Aid: You will first travel to the Relic Room in response to orders to assist Belle Walker, trapped in the room.
Relic Raid: Upon arrival, you will be informed that there are several bombs set to destroy the room by Dominion agents, and you must defuse them.
Relics and Lore: Once the bombs are handled, your next task will be to gather up all of the most important relics so they can be protected.


Dr. Belinda 'Belle' Walker: One of the most brilliant scientists among the Exiles, Belle studies the collection in the room and greatly values the items, most of which were collected by her father.
Bolt: One of Belle's two Scanbots
Rusty: One of Belle's two Scanbots
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