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Report to Doctor Lazarin is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Everstar Grove.

Lore entry

[This XAS scientist's report to Victor Lazarin would have been of more use if it had actually been delivered.]

Facility ID: Exo-Lab 71
Location: Everstar Grove
Facility Status: Active

-Further study
-Technological salvage
-Biological sample return

Translation of Eldan signage and data records indicate this facility was designated Exo-Lab 71. Like all exo-labs discovered thus far, it appears to be dedicated to a particular set of experiments; unlike many of those same exo-labs, this one is almost completely intact and functional - making it an even more noteworthy discovery than suspected.

Exo-Lab 71 is not a large facility, but it appears to be capable of drawing a tremendous amount of life energy from its immediate surroundings. Currently, the exo-lab is in a sort of standby mode, but it is nevertheless channeling power to the entity designed "Elderoot."

There can be little doubt that Exo-Lab 71 was directly related to the enhancement of the Elderoot entity. Further investigation will be required if we are co-opt this technology and use it in our ongoing search for a cure to the Contagion.


This journal can be found in the northern section of the second room in the Arboretum.