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Rockin' Rowsdower
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Path: Settler
Type: Expansion Expansion
Disambig.png This article is about the path mission. For the area, see The Rockin' Rowsdower.

Rockin' Rowsdower is a settler expansion mission.


Liven up the party at the Rockin' Rowsdower with a settler improvement

The Rockin' Rowsdower could use more spirit. Collect Beverage Cup 02.png [Beer Mugs] around the bar to build an improvement at the depot.

Avenues of Development

  • Security: 0/10


Settler depots

Icon Name Description Type Cost Duration
UI CRB Colonist.png Brew Keg +1 Security Beverage Cup 02.png [Brew Mug] x4 2 minutes


You kicked the party up a notch at the Rockin' Rowsdower by building a Brew Keg. Nice work, Settler!

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