SCOUTING REPORT: Levian Bay is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Levian Bay.

Lore entry

- Prepared by the Exploration Society -

Based on preliminary reports, the Exploration Society has selected Levian Bay as a primary landing site for newly arrived Dominion citizens on the planet Nexus. Although much of this area is still untamed, the might of the empire will soon bring the natives to heel and reveal previously unknown secrets of the Eldan themselves.

The primary landing zone in the area has been designated SEASPINE POINT. The Dominion military will ensure the area is secure from Exile infiltration and native attacks, an ongoing operation that will no doubt soon be brought to a glorious conclusion.

Perhaps the most noteworthy site at Levian Bay, beyond the excellent natural harbor and highly defensible promontories, is STAR-COMM STATION. This facility, the name of which has been discovered in Eldan reference works dating back to the pre-war era on Cassus, appears to be a powerful Eldan communications facility designed to broadcast signals across vast gulfs of space - and perhaps, time. Until the site can be accessed internally, full details of the station will have to wait. Noted Society member Artemis Zin and her aide Kevo are leading an exploratory expedition to the facility, and results are eagerly anticipated.

Native entanglements are, sadly, to be expected, at least until military operations can eradicate all interlopers and savages. Take precautions when traveling near the small blue creatures known as SKEECH, a nasty little species who are known to have developed a taste for human flesh since the discovery of Nexus. We have also been notified of a local PELL tribe which could prove far more dangerous. This tribe appears to be affiliated with the power of primal water, and their priests - while primitive by galactic standards - have mastered the ability to manipulate this elemental energy with great skill. They may even be able to influence major weather systems. Caution is advised until these Pell can be negotiated with or, more likely, eliminated.

Questions? Please contact your local Exploration Society representative via approved channels. For questions specifically related to Lady Artemis Zin, please all the words "Lady Zin" to the subject of your message. No autograph requests, please.


This journal can be found at Stormcaller Landing next to Pilot Hadren at (-3825.33 -6069.36).

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