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Scientists are the living proof that knowledge is power! Dig into the mysteries of planet Nexus, and unlock unique abilities by studying ancient Eldan relics, exotic plants and dangerous alien organisms.

Mission types

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Diagnostics icon.png Datacube Decryption Chemistry icon.png Experimentation
Datacubes scattered across Nexus provide a snapshot of Eldan endeavors. Experiment on samples you've collected and reap the reward of your knowledge.
Field Study icon.png Field Study Chemistry icon.png Specimen Survey
Learn about animals by documenting the behaviors of various fauna. Obtain data and samples from a variety of creature types.

Scientist path rewards

Rank Reward Rank Reward Rank Reward
1 Exile "Lab-Rat" Title
Dominion "Bookworm" Title
11 [Instrument Case] 21 [Hermetically-Sealed Box]
2 [Instrument Pouch] 12 Exile Pants 0002.png [Scientist's Lab Pants]
Dominion Pants 0002.png [Scientist's Research Pants]
22 Tier 1
3 13 Tier 1 23 Mount Back Accessory.png [Ground Mount Rear Flair: Scientist]
4 14 Bag 10Slot.png [Scientist's Upgrade Kit]
"Researcher" Title
"PhD" Title
5 Exile Goggles 0004.png [Scientist's Lab Goggles]
Dominion Goggles 0004.png [Scientist's Goggles]
"Analyst" Title
15 Exile UI Item Arcane Glove 001.png [Scientist's Lab Gloves]
Dominion UI Item Arcane Glove 001.png [Scientist's Rubber Gloves]
25 Mount Side Accessory.png [Ground Mount Side Flair: Scientist]
6 16 [Sterilized Polymer Case] 26 Tier 2
Scanbot Mark III Scanbot
7 FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 1 FABkit] 17 Tier 1 27 Mount Side Accessory.png [Ground Mount Side Flair: Scientist]
8 Exile
Dominion UI Item Focal Boot 001.png [Scientist's Rubber Boots]
18 Exile
Dominion Shirt 0003.png [Scientist's Lab Coat]
28 FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 6 FABkit]
Tier 2
9 Generic tech book.png [Book Stack (Medium)]

"The Scholar" Title
Super-Range Scanbot Mark I Scanbot
19 FAB Kit.png [Festival Tier 4 FABkit]
"Principal Investigator" Title
29 Bag 10Slot.png [Scientist's Upgrade Kit]
Tier 2
"Professor" Title
10 20 Exile Shoulder 0001.png [Scientist's Lab Epaulet]
Dominion Shoulder 0001.png [Scientist's Rubber Epaulets]


Name Description Cooldown Cast Time
Dazzles the target with holographic imagery, reducing enemy awareness within a 5m radius of the hologram. 25 sec 2 sec
Activation: Gives all members of your group the option to teleport to your current location. They must be on the same continent as you. Cannot be used in combat. Cooldown is reduced if nobody uses the teleport. 60.0 min 20 sec
Activation: Opens a portal to the Capital City for the next 121s. 120.0 min 3 sec

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