Scrabs can be found all over Nexus, particularly in dry, dusty regions. A tough and nasty arthropod, the scrab has a hardened carapace composed of chitinous segments, narrowing to a deadly, venomous stinger. Even its legs are heavily armored, with massive claws in the front that are capable of crushing boulders. Resting low to the ground, scrabs can rapidly traverse rocky ground and have no trouble navigating in dusty conditions. Six eyes set into its flattened head allow the scrab to see with no problems during the dust storms that frequently overtake the dryer regions of Nexus.

Scrabs like to hide in the ground, emerging from their burrows to attack when disturbed. They use their venom to paralyze, before crushing their victims with their front claws. Whatever remains is then shoveled into its toothy maw.

SPECIAL ATTACK: The venomous stingers of the scrab are capable of inducing paralysis. The scrab strikes with its tail to stun its prey, preventing it from fleeing while its frontal claws take care of the rest.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Though scrabs are difficult to hunt, their meat is considered a rare delicacy by Nexus gourmands who prize its tenderness and flavor. The high number of gourmands killed while trying to acquire scrab meat has only raised its value in the eyes of true connoisseurs.[1]


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