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Disambig.png This article is about the faction. For the quest, see The Settlement Authority.

The Settlement Authority is the office that oversees the development of Dominion communities on planet Nexus. They are also responsible for awarding and distributing land grants and settlement claims. It is a very busy office, as almost every citizen in the Dominion is ready to make the move.

The Settlement Authority establishes local depots meant to aid the continued development of established communities on Nexus. These depots are collection points of supplies and resources that are used for things like mending fences or constructing buildings. They are periodically replenished by Settlers who work for the Authority. The organization also sponsors social events within communities to foster camaraderie - such as holiday feasts or parades in honor of the heroes of the empire.


The Settlement Authority is responsible for granting Nexus land to Dominion citizens, and helping them develop their properties. The Authority has chosen the safest and most fertile lands in Dominion-controlled territories, and will provide deeds signed by the emperor himself after the appropriate taxes have been paid on the property. Citizens arriving on Nexus are required to visit the Settlement Authority headquarters in Illium in order to claim their lands.

The Millennial Mechari Oscia oversees the assignment of land grants and citizen's claims on Nexus. She coordinates with an efficient, largely Mechari staff to ensure Dominion citizens can settle on the planet Nexus - their birthright - with as little trouble as possible. Oscia once did the same for other Dominion worlds, but since the discovery of the Eldan planet no citizen has asked to settle anywhere else.