Shrine of the Masters (mission)

Shrine of the Masters
Location: Ellevar
Path: Explorer
Type: Operations Explorer ExploreZone.png
Disambig.png This article is about the Explorer mission. For other uses, see Shrine of the Masters.

Shrine of the Masters is an explorer operations mission in Ellevar.


Examine Logic Consoles at the Shrine of the Masters

The Exploration Society has discovered an Eldan site where Logic Elementals were created, but we have yet to activate the machinery. Head to the Shrine of the Masters and examine the ancient machinery to determine how the elementals were manufactured.


Four consoles can be found in the Shrine of the Masters at (-3324.06 -2669.72). Only one console needs to be activated to complete the mission. If all four consoles are activated, Erudion is summoned from the center of the machine.


Discovery coordinates and gathered data have been uplinked to the Royal Collegium for further study. If they can duplicate the Eldan technology we discovered, then the Dominion claim on Nexus will be assured.

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