The ubiquitous skug is a giant variety of soft-shelled colonial arthropod that resemble giant worms with many pairs of short, stubby legs. They are omnivorous scavengers, but prefer to consume live prey if they can get it. The ordinary varieties are about the size of a large dagun and can move quite quickly by both inching and crawling in tandem. Skug are commonly found in tunnels and cave systems on Nexus and other Fringe worlds.


Most skug colonies are ruled by one or more skug queens - gigantic varieties which can lay dozens of eggs per day. These eggs can generally be found in clusters of three to five eggs, which have soft, slimy shells that are not particularly sturdy, and may burst upon coming into contact with even a mild impact. The sheer number of eggs, however, and the rate at which skug queens can lay them, ensures that these widely despised scavengers are unlikely to go extinct any time soon.

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