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The ubiquitous vermin known as slanks are versatile and hardy omnivores that can be found on every known planet in the galaxy, and most large starships as well. They are able to live on almost any food supply that humans can, and they're both small enough and flexible enough to hide in nooks and crannies almost anywhere. Many varieties were already on Nexus when settlers arrived, bringing new slanks that promptly bred with the locals. These new slanks are even more difficult to eradicate.

Physicial description

Slanks are typical baseline rodents with long tails, oversized heads, and sharp digging claws on their nimble feet. They are usually covered in wiry fur that ranges in color from dirt-brown to mud-gray. They are not generally considered attractive by most sentient species, although some Mordesh keep them as pets - and experimental test subjects.

Primal compatibility

To the surprise of many Cassians, slanks have a primal pattern that, at its core, is remarkably similar to humans, Mordesh, Aurin, and other similar life forms. This makes them popular test subjects for medical research and experiments into primal power. Along with the splorg, slanks make up the majority of test animals in the laboratories of Nexus.