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Oversized mollusks equally at home on land or under the sea, snoglugs are a widespread animal species that appears to be native to Nexus. They are omnivorous, and many varieties can spit venomous poison long distances. Snoglug shells can be prized for their lustrous mother-of-pearl interiors.

Physical description

Snoglugs resemble their much smaller cousins snails, with hard circular shells on soft boneless bodies. Unlike typical snails, they also have distinct mouths and long eye-stalks with relatively ordinary eyes. Many possess toxic venoms for neutralizing prey.

"The snoglugs of Nexus have been found to be plentiful, non-toxic, and certified "delicious" by 7 out of 10 species who consume mollusks! This species represents a vital new marketing and profit opportunity, and all Protostar employees are hereby officially encouraged to locate any and all snoglugs on Nexus and tag them for tracking purposes!"

Memo from the Protostar CEO