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Glory Unto Osiric, Say We

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''"We, Disciples of Air and Sky,<br>''
''We, craven things not worthy,<br>''
''We, who guard his lair, his tomb,<br>''
''We, who call the Thunder unearthly.<br>''
''Osiric, gift of the masters above,<br>''
''Osiric, great and terrible and father of storms,<br>''
''Osiric, how can we serve your design?<br>''
''Osiric, how can we be worth of your love?<br>''
''Deep beneath the Canyon of Gales,<br>''
''Distant, but near to the Callers of Thunder,<br>''
''Far, but close at the heart of the storm,<br>''
''Here, a new god, a Thunder God, to share Osiric's glory.<br>''
''Osiric, how can we serve your design?<br>''
''Osiric, we offer our own."''
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Curse, curse


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