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Succulent Pig Platter

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{{item infobox
| image = Tough_meat.png
| rarity = raregood
| type = Decor
| levelrlevel = 1916
| stack = 99
| salvage = SalvageableTrue
| value = 46 {{silver}} 66 {{copper}}1362
| mat1 = {{Matlist/|Stringy Poultry|24}}
| mat1mat2 = {{Matlist/|Ironbark Wood|2}}
'''Succulent Pig Platter''' is a [[decor]] item. This item provides an [[File:Meat_rice_bowl.png|20px|Aroma]] aroma buff which increases rested XP.
Succulent Pig Platter can be crafted by apprentice [[architect]]s.
* {{Matlist/|Stringy Poultry|4}}
* {{Matlist/|Ironbark Wood|2}}
* {{Additivelist/HeartwoodMatlist|Gossamer PegLace}}
* {{Additivelist/Matlist|Copper Filigree}}
* {{Additivelist/Copper Filigree}}
The schematic for Succulent Pig Platter is a variant of the {{ilink|uncommon|Uncooked Ash Hen}} schematic.
==Tech tree==
Five Succulent Pig Platters or variants are required to be crafted in order to unlock the {{ilink|uncommon|Falkrin Meat Drying Rack}} schematicand {{ilink|Supreme Meat-Skewer}} schematics.
File:Succulent Pig Platter.png
==See also==
* {{ilink|uncommon|Marbled Meat Drumstick}}
[[Category:Apprentice architect items]]


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