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Thicket Tier 4

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| level = 40+
| size = 1x1
| cost = {{ilink|excellent|Thicket Tier 4 FABkit}}
| desc = Your inner Survivalist can find the highest tier of harvested materials here. Make sure you collect what you can before your land lease expires.
* '''Butcher Block:''' {{ilink|average|Choice Meat}} x0-1, {{ilink|average|Exotic Bug Meat}} x0-3, {{ilink|average|Gourmet Poultry}} x0-3, {{ilink|average|Large Fish}} x0-3
* '''Tanning Rack:''' {{ilink|average|Augmented Leather}} x0-3, {{ilink|average|Infused Bone}} x0-1, {{ilink|average|Primal Pelt}} x0-1, {{ilink|average|Rockhide Leather}} x0-1, {{ilink|average|Steel Bone}} x0-1, {{ilink|average|Stonebound Pelt}} x0-1
* '''Malgrave Tree:'''
* '''Grimvault Tree:''' {{ilink|average|Primal Hardwood}}
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