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The Widow's Web

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{{quest infobox
| faction = Exiles
| class = Spellslinger
| location = The Gambler's Ruin
| episode = Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, Andand Bag 'Em
| difficulty = Simple
| objectives = {{*}} Speak with [[Avra Darkos]] to receive the task.<br>{{*}} Take a teleporter (located in the middle of the [[Rockin' Rowsdower]]) to the [[Command Deck]] of the[[The Gambler's Ruin]]<br>{{*}} Speak with [[Commander Durek]] to deliver the intelligence
| rewards = 60 Copper{{copper}}<br />{{rarity item|commonilink|Shield of Defiance}}
| previous = [[A Little Friendly Carousal]]
| choice =
| next = [[Deck Sweeper]]
| previous = A Little Friendly Carousal
| desc = Deliver [[Avra Darkos]] is convinced that the [[Dominion]] is planning an imminent attack on [[the Gambler's Ruin]]. She's compiled all her evidence on a datachron and asked you to deliver it to [[Commander Durek]] on the command deck of the Gamblership's RuinCommand Deck.
==More info==
'''''Can't you deliver it yourself?'''''<br />
''My inquiries are still incomplete and my attentions are required elsewhere. You have proven yourself to be trustworthy, so I thought to offer it to you.''
'''''Who are you?'''''<br />
''I am [[Avra Darkos]], the Widow. It is my business to know the hidden mind of our enemy so that we may counter his moves in the shadowy games we play.''
'''''You seem a bit jumpy.'''''<br />
''Do not confuse caution with fear. The [[Dominion]] is planning something... but I cannot speak of it in such mixed company. These walls have ears.''
'''''Why should I be concerned?'''''<br />
''The Dominion seeks to destroy us at every turn. Our resources are swindling... our numbers finite. As an [[Exile]], it is your duty to be concerned.''
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