Spectral Swarm

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Spectral Swarm
12 sec cooldown
Range 25.0 m
Requires lvl 16 (AMPs)
Manifest 3 Phantoms that each deal 6 magic damage every 1.25s for 10s. Generate a Psi Point.
Tier Upgrade:
+0 damage per tick

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Phantoms gain 12% Lifesteal and that health is transferred to you. The health returned is unmitigated.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
On death, Phantoms deal 28 magic damage to 5 nearby foes.

Spectral Swarm is an Esper assault ability available at level 16 and unlocked by investing 2 points in the tier 3 Assault AMP.


  • The Protogames Initiative (3 Feb 2015): Fixed a bug that prevented Spectral Swarm from attacking the appropriate amount of times if the distance from the caster and target was greater than 10m.

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