Spirovine Extract

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Spirovine Extract
Spirovine Extract
Item Level: 10
Required Level: 5
Max Stack: 250

Sell for: 1 UI CRB Coin Silver.png 78 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Spirovine Extract is a tincture.


Spirovine Extract can be crafted by novice technologists. This schematic produces 5 Spirovine Extract.



The schematic for Spirovine Extract is unlocked by completing the Omni-Plasmic Bioreactions tech tree achievement and crafting 3 sets of Medishot InstantHeal.png [Basic Medishot: Instant Healing].

Tech tree

Two sets of Spirovine Extract are required to be crafted for Spirovine Reactions in order to unlock the Medishot InstantHeal.png [Spirovine Medishot: Instant Healing], Medishot HealOverTime.png [Spirovine Medishot: Sustained Healing], and Medishot HealOverTime InstantHeal.png [Spirovine Medishot: Delayed Healing] schematics.


Spirovine Extract is used in the following schematics:

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