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Stats, aka attributes, are the characteristics that affect character combat effectiveness. They are divided up between general, offensive, defensive, shield, utility, and PvP stats. Pressing the "P" button or clicking on the Character icon in the toolbar brings up the Character window and shows the character's current stats. The stats at the bottom left are the character's primary stats and include Assault Power, Support Power, Health, Shields and Item Level. The secondary stats can be viewed in the panel to the right.

General stats[]

Stat Description
Brutality Assault Power Assault Power increases the damage of most Assault and Utility actions.
Support Power Support Power increases the healing and damage of most Support and Utility actions.
Max Health Max Health is the total amount of damage the player can take before dying.
Max Shields Max Shields is the total amount of damage the player's shield can mitigate.
Item Level The average item level of the player's items.

Offensive stats[]

Stat Description
Strikethrough Reduces the chance foes have to Deflect your attacks. Strikethrough that exceeds a foe's Deflect rate is converted into Armor Pierce.
Critical Hit Chance Your chance to Critically Hit a foe or Critically Heal an ally.
Critical Hit Severity Critical damage and healing increased to this percent.
Multi-Hit Chance Your chance for each application of damage or healing to be applied an additional time at a reduced value.
Multi-Hit Severity Percent of damage or healing granted from the Multi-Hit.
Vigor Your damage is increased up to this percent, based on your current health.
Armor Pierce Your attacks ignore this percent of the foe's mitigation.

Defensive stats[]

Stat Description
Physical Mitigation Physical damage reduction.
Technology Mitigation Technology damage reduction.
Magic Mitigation Magic damage reduction.
Glance Mitigation Damage reduction triggered by a Glance.
Glance Chance Your chance to reduce incoming damaging attack by your Glance Mitigation.
Critical Mitigation Reduces bonus damage caused by a foe's Critical Hit.
Deflect Chance Your chance to Deflect an attack, avoiding all damage from that attack.
Deflect Critical Hit Chance Reduces the chance foes have to Critically Hit you.

Shield stats[]

Stat Description
Shield Mitigation The percentage of damage redirected to your Shield.
Shield Regen Rate The percentage of your Max Shield that will be regenerated each Shield Tick Time.
Shield Reboot Time The time before your Shield will begin to regenerate after taking damage.
Shield Tick Time The frequency at which your Shield regenerates.

Utility stats[]

Stat Description
Cooldown Reduction All class ability cooldowns are reduced by this percent.
CC Duration All applied CC durations are modified by this percent.
Lifesteal Your damage heals you for this percent of damage done.
Focus Pool Total amount of focus.
Focus Recovery Rate Percent of your Focus Pool that you regenerate each second while in combat.
Focus Cost Reduction The focus costs of your actions are reduced by this percentage.
Reflect Chance Your chance to return damage dealt to you back to the foe at a reduced value.
Reflect Damage Percent of damage that is dealt to a foe by a Reflect.
Intensity Your outgoing healing amount and focus costs are increased by this percent.

PvP stats[]

Stat Description
PvP Power Your damage multiplier against a player with no PvP Defense.
PvP Healing Your healing multiplier while in PvP. This value is calculated from your PvP Power and your PvP Power Rating
PvP Defense Your damage reduction against an enemy player with no PvP Power.