Stew-Shaman Tugga

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Stew-Shaman Tugga
Stew-Shaman Tugga
Level 35 Prime
Health 349,600
Location Skullcano

Stew-Shaman Tugga is the first encounter in the dungeon Skullcano.


Stew-Shaman Tugga is an optional objective of the event quest No Merrier Place than Hell.


  • Devour Flesh -
  • Into the Stew -
  • Magma Totem -
  • Molten Rain -


Phase one

After going under 75%, Stew-Shaman Tugga will go into a Feeding Frenzy ("Stew-Shaman Tugga enters a feeding frenzy"). He will initiate a AoE stun, after which there will spawn meat from the pot in the middle. Tugga will then start to run around and eating all of these pieces unless you eat them first.

Each piece of meat will heal Tugga and give him a buff which increases his damage done with 1% (Stackable to an infinite amount)

Phase two

After his Feeding Frenzy is over, totems will spawn doing AoE Damage and stunning. These totems have 25,000 hitpoints. AoE Flames will also spawn doing damage in random locations.

After a while he will go into a feeding frenzy again.


Starting combat

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Fresh meat for stew pot!

Feeding Frenzy

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: So hungry. So very hungry!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: You bad-bad people. Bad people go in pot!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Yum! Taste like dead hero.
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Aarggh! Tugga's food not for sharing!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Tugga's tummy empty!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Yum-yum! Appetizer!

Magma Totem

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Dinner best when extra crispy!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Crispy outside. Tender inside.

Molten Rain

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Burn-burn! Big fire from sky!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Fire from sky will cook pesky enemies!


  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: All burn! All die!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Now enemies get crispy!


  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: But Tugga... still... hungry...


Normal mode

Veteran mode