Stew-Shaman Tugga

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Stew-Shaman Tugga
Stew-Shaman Tugga
Level 35 Prime
Health 349,600
Location Skullcano

Stew-Shaman Tugga is the first encounter in the dungeon Skullcano.


Stew-Shaman Tugga is an optional objective of the event quest No Merrier Place than Hell.


  • Devour Flesh -
  • Into the Stew -
  • Magma Totem -
  • Molten Rain -


Phase one

Phase two

After going under 75%, Stew-Shaman Tugga will go into a Feeding Frenzy ("Stew-Shaman Tugga enters a feeding frenzy").


Starting combat

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Fresh meat for stew pot!

Feeding Frenzy

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: So hungry. So very hungry!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: You bad-bad people. Bad people go in pot!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Yum! Taste like dead hero.
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Aarggh! Tugga's food not for sharing!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Tugga's tummy empty!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Yum-yum! Appetizer!

Magma Totem

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Dinner best when extra crispy!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Crispy outside. Tender inside.

Molten Rain

  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Burn-burn! Big fire from sky!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Fire from sky will cook pesky enemies!


  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: All burn! All die!
  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: Now enemies get crispy!


  • Stew-Shaman Tugga: But Tugga... still... hungry...


Normal mode

Veteran mode