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Disambig.png This article is about the tradeskill. For the achievement, see Survivalist (achievement).

Survivalist is a gathering tradeskill. Players with this tradeskill gather leather, pelts, and meat from creatures. They also harvest wood from trees with a laser chainsaw. This tradekill is best paired with the outfitter or architect.



Level Wood Leather Pelt Bone
Novice UI Item Stick.png  [Knotted Heartwood]
Apprentice Ironbark wood.png  [Ironbark Wood] Thick leather.png  [Thick Leather] Furlined pelt.png  [Fur-Lined Pelt] Thick bone.png  [Thick Bone]
Journeyman AncientWood.png  [Ancient Wood] ReinforcedLeather.png  [Reinforced Leather] Hardened pelt.png  [Hardened Pelt] Tempered bone.png  [Tempered Bone]
Artisan AugmentedWood.png  [Augmented Hardwood] RockhideLeather.png  [Rockhide Leather] Stonebound pelt.png  [Stonebound Pelt] Steel bone.png  [Steel Bone]
Expert PrimalHardwood.png  [Primal Hardwood] AugmentedLeather.png  [Augmented Leather] PrimalPelt.png  [Primal Pelt] Infused bone.png  [Infused Bone]
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