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The System Escape Menu is a user interface window where players can access game options and settings. This window is divided up into eleven sections: Addons, Combat, Sound, Video, Chat Log, Combat Log, HUD, Interface, Keybindings, Nameplates, and Tutorials. This menu also allows players to switch characters, logout of the current character and return to the character selection screen, or exit the game. It can be accessed by pressing the "Esc" key.


This section displays all the installed addons and their details, including memory usage and calls, and allows for the configuration of individual addons.


This section provides targeting, movement, ability, telegraph, and colorblind options.


This section allows for the adjustment of individual volume settings, including music, UI sounds, FX, ambient, voice and master volume. Players can also toggle cinematic subtitles in this section.


This section allows for the adjustment of display mode, screen resolution, camera and advanced settings.

Chat Log

Combat Log