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Tales from Beyond the Fringe: A Perfect Strike cover art

Tales from Beyond the Fringe: A Perfect Strike is an issue of the Tales from Beyond the Fringe periodical.



This issue is unlocked by interacting with 9 datapads in Wilderrun and can be viewed in the Zone Lore datachron.

  • Marshal's Haven on a walkway just down from Treasure Hunter Moka at (2690.39 -3919.78)
  • Kel Ulgar next to the forges at (3333.86 -4430.67)
  • Twilight Grove at the top of the tree at the observation post at (2293.03 -4596.20)
  • Sister's Watch next to the campfire by the Torine Builder at (1932.01 -4293.89)
  • The Strange Glade on the south part of the road near Drollo at (1481.55 -3803.83)
  • Luminai Hybridization Complex in the northernmost room at (1624.40 -3913.50)
  • Devastation Ridge next to Freebot Socket at (2446.30 -4789.08)
  • Spirevale Landing behind Pyrolos the Inferno at (3064.02 -4632.58)

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