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Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Adventure Awaits! cover art

Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Adventure Awaits! is the first Exile issue of Tales from Beyond the Fringe periodical.


There are 4,023,109,017 stories on the galactic Fringe, and more of them than you would think are completely true. I should know. I counted them!

Who am I? I'm the Editor, and I'm in charge of the Renegade Publishing Group. Who are you? You're one holding a copy of the most action-packed collection of fictionalized-but-TRUE stories in the known galaxy! Yes, I'm talking about:


And now RPG is giving you, yes YOU, a free subscription to TFBTF locked to your personal datachron! The only catch? As part of the Nexus Challenge Subscription Program, you'll get to collect the keys to unlock each issue yourself!

Here's how it works:

1. In every region of Nexus, you'll find datapads containing one key from a rollicking Tales from Beyond the Fringe! story. Each key forms a part of the decryption code for that story. This complimentary issue unlocked only three keys, but full issues may require seven or more. And don't worry about writing down numbers and letters, your datachron will track all that for you.

2. Collect all of the available keys in that region to unlock that issue of TALES FROM BEYOND THE FRINGE! (You can keep track of how many keys you've unlocked by checking the handy "Lore" tab of your standard-issue datachron device.)

3. Once they're unlocked, your issues of TFBTF will be available on your datachron for you to read and reference whenever you like!

4. Having trouble finding all of the keys? That's why the subscription is free! But readers are encouraged to discuss and share the locations of TFBTF keys so that everyone can enjoy the thrilling narratives that make up every issue.

WARNING: Many TFBTF fans have contacted the Editor concerning the "journals" they have found scattered across the surface of the planet Nexus and elsewhere. Please note that although these journals may superficially resemble TALES FROM BEYOND THE FRINGE! keys in some cases, they are not the same. Renegade Publishing Group is not responsible for any mental or physical trauma that may result from you reading journals that do not belong to you, and I sure as hell can't give you a refund for something you just found lying around. For that matter, no refunds! Because it's a complimentary subscription, that is. You can't refund a total cost of zero.

So thanks for reading. I'll see you...BEYOND THE FRINGE!

(This complimentary introductory issue has been produced in coordination with the Exiles, their associates, and assorted allies.)

~ Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Adventure Awaits!


This issue is unlocked by interacting with 3 TALES: Adventure Awaits! datapads in the Relic Room on the The Gambler's Ruin arkship and can be viewed in the Zone Lore datachron.

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