Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Cleanup Crew

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Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Cleanup Crew cover art

Tales from Beyond the Fringe: Cleanup Crew is an issue of the Tales from Beyond the Fringe periodical.



This issue is unlocked by interacting with 12 datapads in Southern Grimvault and can be viewed in the Zone Lore datachron.

  • Radiant Alpha Down in front of Corrigan Doon at (2660.16 863.25)
  • Radiant Beta Down in the middle of the wreckage at (3130.06 813.58)
  • Shattered Sands in the Dominion Skydrop Warbreaker camp at (3086.19 201.84)
  • Dawnbringer Outpost behind Kezrek Warbringer at (2710.93 -343.67)
  • Blighted Pass on a crate next to Major Darius at (2802.76 -696.85)
  • Spineridge Nest on the Eldan tech behind where Agent Lex is hiding (2017.20 -1572.87)
  • Spineridge Nest just north of the teleporter to the Corrupted Installation at (1842.23 -2192.37)
  • Spineridge Nest just off the path west of the nest at (1695.28 -1647.88)

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