Tales from Beyond the Fringe: The Pit

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Tales from Beyond the Fringe: The Pit cover art

Tales from Beyond the Fringe: The Pit is an issue of the Tales from Beyond the Fringe periodical.



This issue is unlocked by interacting with 10 datapads in Malgrave and can be viewed in the Zone Lore datachron.

  • Novus in Sector 5 near the final terminal at (2067.26 4089.25)
  • Joresh's Hunting Camp on top of a crate at (1653.75 3762.41)
  • Sparkmire Mine next to the entrance of the mine at (1172.20 4092.94)
  • The Town of Gravestone inside a northern building at (1934.25 3745.24)
  • Rancher Rishka's Camp next to Far-Trader Kuja at (2230.68 4194.95)
  • Darkspur Hauling Station inside a shipping container on the southeastern end of the area at (3193.34 4641.44)
  • Swindler's End next to the karaoke stage at (2829.63 4231.22)

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