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Tales from Beyond the Fringe: The Price of Defeat cover art

Tales from Beyond the Fringe: The Price of Defeat is a Dominion issue of the Tales from Beyond the Fringe periodical.



This issue can be unlocked by interacting with 8 datapads in Auroria and can be viewed in the Zone Lore datachron.

  • DREDplex: Giant Crusher can be found to the left of the scorpion pen, behind a Tech Seeker Logistician (-2065, -615)
  • Meadow Point inside a house around (-2435, -489)
  • Kel Voreth can be found beside a statue, just before the dungeon entrance (-818, -478)
  • Battleblood Trench this can be found beside Warlord Skuldrok, under the scaffolding (-1345, -756)
  • Warherald's Way sitting just to the left of Scout Tricus (-1466, -536)
  • The Western Battlefront this can be found in a house on some crates (-1747, -594)
  • Outport Dawn to the right of Skrappy (-1970, -559)
  • Outport Dawn inside a tent next to the bounty board at (-1998, -417)

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