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Telekinetic Storm
Telekinetic Storm
1 or more Psi Points
No cooldown
Range 35.0 m
Requires lvl 8
Conjure a storm, lasting for 7s, that erupts upon attaching to a foe or reaching the end of its path.

The storm deals magical damage to 5 foes every 1s.

1PP: 6 dmg per tick
2PP: 10 dmg per tick
3PP: 16 dmg per tick
4PP: 21 dmg per tick
5PP: 27 dmg per tick
Tier Upgrade:
1PP: +0 | 2PP: +0 | 3PP: +0 | 4PP: +1 | 5PP: +1 damage

Tier 4 Major Upgrade:
Pierces 8%/16%/24%/32%/40% Armor.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade:
Applies an Expose for 5s. Expose: Reduces a Deflect Chance by 5%.

Telekinetic Storm is an Esper assault ability available at level 8.

Usage and Strategies

Trash Incinerator

Against tightly packed groups of PvE or "trash" instance mobs, Telekinetic Storm is devastating. Able to hit multiple enemies at once, and following the original target it had latched onto, you can easily use this to clear rooms and make areas much safer. Best combined with an ability like Psychic Frenzy or Blade Dance to herd into the telegraph while still doing damage, and/or a tank who can lure more mobs into the circle of sharp, pointy death.

The ability also stacks, so if the player can generate Psi Points fast enough, they can fire several storms back-to-back. The stacking damage oftentimes causes enemies to just melt away in seconds.


  • WildStar: Reloaded (29 Sep 2015): T4: Armor Pierce reduced to 8%
  • The Protogames Initiative (3 Feb 2015): The Tier 8 when cast at 2 Psi Points will now properly apply the Tier 8 debuff.
    The tooltip for Tier 8 at 5 Psi Points now displays the correct damage dealt in the target tooltip.
  • Patch 12/16/2014 (16 Dec 2014): Now properly procs the AMPs The Power!, Slow It Down, and No Remorse.
  • Patch 09/11/2014 (11 Sep 2014): Will no longer persist if an enemy is killed with it on them.

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