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Humane syntax for specifying faction icons. This template includes the two major factions, Dominion and Exile, as well as the WildStar logo to use on neutral npcs. The neutral symbol should change when we get more resources. This template is intended to match the formatting provided by {{RaceIcon}} and {{ClassIcon}}, combining the factions into a single template. If no parameters are supplied, the default will be the neutral icon. If a faction is specified but not the size, the large icon will be shown.

Concise syntax: {{FactionIcon|Exile/Dominion/Neutral|Xlarge/Large/Small}}

The following samples demonstrate the different possible icons from this template.

  • {{FactionIcon}} = Neutral (default)
  • {{FactionIcon|Neutral|small}} = Neutral |large}} = Neutral |xlarge}} = Neutral
Main factions
  • {{FactionIcon|Exile|small}} = Exile |large}} = Exile |xlarge}} = Exile
  • {{FactionIcon|Dominion|small}} = Dominion |large}} = Dominion |xlarge}} = Dominion

Sorting enabled

If you are using this icon in a sortable table, with no other text in the column, add |sort=. It visually looks identical, but the sorting is enabled. Do not use this feature when using this template in a header (== {{FactionIcon|Dominion}} ==)