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The Order of Ascended Souls, known more commonly as the Ascendancy, is a recently formed and rapidly growing cyborg cult comprised of races from the Exiles and the Dominion. Led by the former Vigilant missionary Calidor Antevian, these pseudo-religious zealots - known individually as Ascendants - push the boundaries of Eldan technology by fusing augmentation and bio-mechanical re-engineering. Their ultimate goal is to ascend to godhood by improving the weaknesses of the flesh, and they actively "convert" others to their cause through forceful coercion and violence.

Physical description

Cybernetics and Eldan augmentation are commonplace in Ascendants, especially those of higher rank. Ascendants of different races are still recognizable as such - but may display varying degrees of technological enhancement, even complete replacement, of large portions of their natural bodies.


Within the Ascendancy, certain factions have arisen that are analogous to different denominations of the same church - all dedicated and devoted to their central core beliefs, but with different areas of focus and slightly localized traditions. The Truthbound Ascendants, for example, are fiercely devoted to spreading the concept of Truth and evangelizing the way of the Ascendance, while the Soulcore Ascendants believe one must be transformed by the Truth from within.


Harbingers report directly to Brother Calidor, leader of the Ascendancy. They are the leaders of the Ascendancy cells, and speak for their "flock" when a central authority figure is required to deal peacefully with unenlightened persons. At the community level they are responsible for directing the specific activities of cell members. These individuals have often undergon3e the "Third Stage" and therefore possess extraordinary powers and abilities compared to newly transformed Ascendants.