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The Black Hoods are the eyes and ears of the Exiles.

--Avra "The Widow" Darkos

The Black Hoods are the covert intelligence organization that protects the Exiles from Dominion spies and assassins. Led by the secretive Mordesh, the Black Hoods are very good at inserting their agents into hostile territories in order to keep tabs on their enemies. They are also extremely skilled at rooting out traitors and spies in their midst, and foiling the espionage operations of their opposites in the ICI.

The Black Hoods are often feared and mistrusted by other Exiles. Their methods can be brutal and cruel, and they keep watch on their allies as closely as they do their enemies. Despite this reputation, most Exiles consider the Black Hoods a necessary evil.

They also maintain the Widow's Web, keeping tabs on every little thing that goes on on the Exile fleet and on Nexus. Watch what you say, careful of what you do, because the Black Hoods are always watching.

Chain of command

The Black Hoods are led by Avra "The Widow" Darkos, who oversees most of its operations and personally supervises any high-priority operations.

For more mundane and less pressing matters, there is a large list of trusted officers, granted a base of operations and a pool of agents at their disposal. They tend to operate independently, as the Widow will catch and punish any mistakes.


Black Hoods operations are running in almost every territory on Nexus - whether friendly or hostile. They employ both magic and technology as they ply their trade, and utilize a broad range of specialists - everything from spies and assassins to cryptographers and viralists. They employ alchemists and mesmerists to aid them in interrogations of one kind, and torturers to aid them in others. Secrecy, anonymity and vigilance are vital to the continued success of all Black Hoods ops.


The Black Hoods are relentlessly pragmatic and brutal. No one is safe, nothing is sacred; they will gladly torture, poison, and murder innocent civilians if they serve their larger goals.