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The Call of Thunder is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Stormtalon's Lair.

Lore entry

Heed the words of the high priest,
greatest of those who call the thunder,
and stand in awe, for we beseech the Masters.
The gods of the heavens,
holy wings of unforgiving light,
the Masters of All.

The great Godmaker, gift of the Masters,
awaits one worthy of the power of wind and sky.
Disciples of Air, one called by the Thunder,
one who to embrace great power,
and sacrifice in pain.

Godmaker, heed us. Godmaker, forgive us. Godmaker, guide us.
Stormtalon tears the sky. Stormtalon fears no god.
Stormtalon knows no Master but the Invoker.
What is sacrifice in pain
Is visited a thousandfold upon the chosen,
for Stormtalon awakens.


This journal can be found at (3, 247).