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Disambig.png This article is about the NPC. For the server, see Caretaker (server).
Greetings. I am the Caretaker, a powerful virtual construct created by the Eldan to monitor all scientific experiments on the planet Nexus. EGUH! Excuse my erratic behaviour, but it seems I have developed certain instabilities ever since the Eldan ABANDONED ME HERE! long ago... I am responsible for analyzing the physical and mental--huhuhuhu WEAKNESSES! of sentient organisms--such as yourselves. It is important that I clearly understand the potential of my subjects in order to best determine how to ANNIHILATE THEM!

--The Caretaker, "Adventures Flick"

The Caretaker is a holographic Eldan AI found at many important Eldan sites all over the planet Nexus. The Caretaker was created by Maker Vorion and designed to monitor the progress of the Nexus Project and maintain instantaneous communication between numerous operations across the planet. The events surrounding the Eldan's disappearance apparently shattered the Caretaker's personality core and left him a fractured, multi-faceted entity that appears in many different Eldan sites scattered all over Nexus. If his personality core can be found and repaired, these facets may one day be reunited and a Caretaker made whole once more could provide answers to the persistent mysteries surrounding the planet.

Physical Description

The Caretaker appears as a humanoid upper body (presumably a fit, adult male Eldan), rising from the projector equipment containing his personality core. He has runic symbols on his face; whether this is a natural part of Eldan physiology or an intentional design is not clear.

He wears a hood around his head, which also covers most of his upper body and his left shoulder, trailing off behind him like a short cape.

When he is functioning as intended, completely to mostly undamaged, he will be tinted green.

When severely damaged or malfunctioning, he will turn a vicious red, and his teeth will be replaced by a mouthful of fangs.

Personality Profile

In his normal, green state, the Caretaker is polite and helpful, though extremely vague and evasive about any sensitive details regarding the Nexus Project. He is frequently making sarcastic or deadpan comments, either intentionally or not; he does not seem to be aware of the more advanced nuances of language.

In his damaged, red state, the Caretaker is a melodramatic psychopath. He will happily and frequently send organics to their doom, oftentimes singing their inevitable fate to them. He is also prone to making heavy, loud emphasis in his words, rather than the usually calm and collected voice.


The Caretaker creates avatars to handle specialized tasks that do not require all of his attention and knowledge. These avatars may often be dedicated to the function of a specific facility or even a specific task within that facility. They usually retain that sole purpose once disconnected, but once isolated Caretaker avatars can develop obsessive behavior and AI psychosis that can only be "cured" via re-connection to the Caretaker's network - or restoring that avatar's core programming from an uncorrupted copy if such a re-connection is impossible.