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The Coldblood is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Arcterra.

Lore entry

Harizog, warlord of the Osun, mightiest of us all.
Summoned by the Archon, the warlord's task is set before him,
Once hundred warriors, brave and mighty, stand ready.

Countless lives he has taken for the Masters,
Sending his foes screaming into the Great Dark.
Such is his joy of battle, none can withstand him.

Taken by the Iceblood, deep beneath Shiverskull,
The warlord has received the gifts of the Darkmatron.
His blood is frozen, infused with soulfrost and shadow.

Now, by decree, we shall call him Harizog Coldblood,
Warlord of the Osun, master of the Hall of the Hundred.
His wrath has not been tempered by the ice in his veins.

So too the blood of his brothers shall be frozen within them.
Bring the Hundred to Shiverskull Tower to accept the coven's gift.
Unblinking, they shall watch over the Vault for eternity.

Mugorim the Skald


This journal can be found in Shiverskull Tower on the platform behind The Caretaker at (-184 -334).